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Herbastat formerly known as Immunistat
Individuals who suffer from Herpes and live virtually symptom free have found a connection between Stress and the Immune System.

We too were once plagued by the Herpes Virus, constant pain and outbreaks always avoiding social situations and afraid to date or fall in love again. Always feeling like we should just hand in the towel and move to a house on the side of a mountain.

Those days are over!! We now live life to the fullest, we have children, we got married we found love and we now live better and take care of our bodies like never before. We live predominantly free of Herpes symptoms and now share our herbal lifestyle with you.

You can have your life back and it only takes less then one week to feel like a new person again.

We found a pattern of healing.What we found was when we  experienced stress  our immune system would begin to shut off. Our fight or flight response would generate a false alarm and our immune system would be suppressed on purpose by our autonomic nervous system. BUT if we had a strong immune system to begin with our immune system STILL would be able to fight off a outbreak. If we didn't build our immune system prior to the stressful event we would get a outbreak. So The fix was very easy as long as we didn't get lazy.

Once we figured it out that stress suppresses  the immune system and it was easier to remedy a situation VS Cure it all we had to do was change our eating habits and add herbs  so instead of eating to stop hunger we started to change our food into medicine, a sensible diet with herbs and exercise or even more simple than that a daily smoothie with herbs can be more effective then any medication we where  currently taking or will ever take! Prescription or non-prescription. Click the "Ingredients & Research" tab to read the all about it. The herbal bundle at that point became a no brainer. 

Stop current outbreaks

Eliminate future outbreaks

SUPER CHARGE your immune system

NO side effects

NO MORE embarrassment


The bundle of herbs we chose is not to cure herpes but to build a immune system up so we don't experience herpes outbreaks. The herbs don't treat herpes the body needs the right tools to fight off a viral infection. This is just a lifestyle that's healthy...
So healthy that will be outbreak free.


Take your life back risk free

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